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Otherwise Known as Movie Clips

Natural Born Killers True Romance The Crow
Face Off Cape Fear Goodfellas
Leaving Las Vegas City of Angels Romeo and Juliet
Judgment Night Seven Suicide Kings
Matrix Existenz Blade
As Good As It Gets Perfect Storm Pet Semetary
Reservoir Dogs Vampires Biloxi Blues
8 MM Young Guns
The Misfits Blair Witch Permanent Midnight
Lethal Weapon Lethal Weapon 2 Ransom
Fisher King Devils Advocate Pulp Fiction
Thelma & Louise Snatch Detroit Rock City
Twister Kalifornia Less Than Zero
Dracula The Usual Suspects Rounders
Trainspotting Love & a .45 Dragon
Demolition Man Copycat Fear & Loathing
in Las Vegas
Desperado The Abyss Halloween H20
Vanishing Wedding Singer Way of the Gun
The Mothman
The Getaway Dead Again

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